Kyoto Shimazu’s Thoughts

The passion and sincerity we have put into our craftsmanship since our founding in 1833 is still being passed down to Kyoto Shimazu’s artisans.
We will continue to make efforts to promote cultural exchange with countries around the world while staying close to our customers
through our “Sekku” seasonal festival dolls, which symbolize the traditional culture of Japan.

What Kyoto Shimazu values

  • 有職京ものへのこだわり
    Commitment to craftsmanship
    At Kyoto Shimazu, we have a saying that has been passed down from generation to generation: “Value honor above time”. Kyoto Shimazu is proud to be involved wholeheartedly in manufacturing.
  • お子様の祭礼へのお仕え
    Serving at your child’s festival
    We have been serving through festivals of graceful prayers for the healthy growth of your children. We want to cherish this rite of passage, which has been passed down from generation to generation in a joyous manner as a means of celebration. This is the wish of Kyoto Shimazu, and the joy of continuing to watch over your children is greater than anything else.
  • 人形寄贈の活動
    Doll donation activities
    Through our doll donation activities, we have come to realize that words are not necessary for genuine things. A work of beauty that is imbued with deep feelings can transcend borders and cultural differences, and give a breath of fresh emotion.

Message from the President

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
It is our greatest pleasure to serve so many people through Japan’s traditional festivals of prayer for growth.
We sincerely ask for your continued patronage and support.
We hope to bring excitement and joy to our customers by providing products that combine Japanese tradition and modern beauty.
Seiichi Honda, President of Kyoto Shimazu
  • 京都島津の歴史
    History of Kyoto Shimazu
    Kyoto Shimazu was founded in 1833 and was later honored as the official purveyor of the Imperial Household. Nearly 200 years have passed since the establishment of Kyoto Shimazu, and we will continue to pass on the traditions of the “Yusoku” Kyoto culture we have inherited to the next generations without ceasing.
  • 京都島津の取り組み
    Since 1985, we have been contributing to cultural exchange by donating “Yusoku” Kyoto Festival dolls, which symbolize traditional Japanese culture, to countries around the world, including in Europe and the United States. As “Dolls Ambassadors” who act as bridges of love, we have been donating dolls to 28 cities in 11 countries.
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