For many years, Kyoto Shimazu has been donating “Sekku” festival dolls,
which symbolize traditional Japanese culture, both domestically and overseas,
and has displayed and decorated “Sekku” festival dolls mainly at corporate facilities in Kyoto City.
  • 海外人形寄贈

    Overseas Doll Donations

    Since 1985, we have been contributing to cultural exchange by donating “Yusoku” Kyoto Festival dolls, which symbolize traditional Japanese culture, to countries around the world, including in Europe and the United States. We have been donating dolls to 28 cities in 11 countries, as “doll ambassadors’” who act as bridges of love.
    Donation Countries
    U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Germany, France, Russia, Mexico
  • 国内人形寄贈

    Domestic Doll Donations

    We have been donating Hina dolls and Boys’ May Festival dolls to nursery schools and children’s facilities throughout Japan with the hope of sharing the joy of Japan’s unique “Sekku” seasonal festival culture with as many children as possible. Our activities are supported by the smiling faces of these adorable children in front of the gorgeous “Sekku” festival dolls.

Kyoto Shimazu Corporate Support Plan

* Currently, our services for corporate clients are temporarily suspended, but we are happy to consult with you and assist you with any inquiries.
  • 雛人形・五月人形 トータルコーディネート&販売

    Hina Dolls and Boy’s May Festival Dolls Display Plan (charged)

    We can provide total coordination of a beautiful display of Hina Dolls or Boys’ May Festival Dolls in the location of your choice to match your building and its unique atmosphere. Not only are they beautiful for a moment, but these works of art will be handed down to the next generations and will add color to your facility and its history. For short-term events and festivals, we can provide a more spectacular and different presentation by setting up the Hina Dolls or Boys’ May Festival Dolls. Of course, we offer total support from installation to collection. Repairs and other services are also available immediately within Kyoto City!