Hina Dolls

We entrust the sincerity of birth blessings and prayers for growth to our Hina Dolls.
We meticulously create dolls that meet the wishes of the whole family with the utmost care and skill.
Please choose a doll made with love and sincerity for this milestone in your child’s life.

Features of Kyoto Shimazu’s Yusoku Hina Dolls

  • 雛人形
    The Splendid World of Hina Dolls
    Since the Edo period (1603-1868), when dolls began to be dressed in clothes, people have been interested in how to dress their dolls in gorgeous and luxurious costumes. Among them, the most popular designs were those called Yusoku patterns. The term “Yusoku” refers to the court nobility’s knowledge of rituals and events. Therefore, Yusoku patterns are those of the Heian aristocrats and have a long history and tradition. Many of Kyoto Shimazu’s Hina dolls are made with the utmost care and attention to detail using the Yusoku traditional design. The costumes of the Hina dolls incorporating these patterns show the deep history of the dolls from the Heian period to the present day.
  • 雛人形
    Graceful and lovely
    Kyoto Shimazu’s Hina dolls are characterized by their graceful and lovely faces. The life of a doll is undoubtedly determined by its head. Our dolls have long been highly acclaimed for their graceful expressions, which are painstakingly finished with “Gofun” shell powder lacquer. Please choose a doll from Kyoto Shimazu that will bring a smile to your child’s face because it will be with them for a long time.
  • 雛人形
    Decorate to your liking.
    You can change the decorations offered by Kyoto Shimazu into decorations of your choice. For example, you can choose your favorite folding screen, paper-covered lantern, or “Sakura Tachibana” cherry and orange trees from those available in the store and arrange them into your own unique decorations. Feel free to consult with our staff at the store. (*Please note that some decorations cannot be changed.)

Hina Dolls Styles and Products

This is a “Sinno-kazari” decoration in which only the two male and two female dolls are displayed side by side. This style can be easily adapted to the space and size of the room where it will be displayed.
Seven-tiered 15-person display
A seven-tiered stand is decorated with 15 dolls: Dairi-bina, Sannin Kanjo official ladies, Goninbayashi five court musicians, Zuijin attendant, and Shicho servants. It is the ultimate in gorgeousness and splendor.
Hina Dolls related products
“Hapible” is a necklace for Hina dolls decorated with birthstones. It can also be used as a bracelet for your grown child in the future, and adds a touch of color to the Doll’s Festival that comes every year.