Online consultation form

For customers who do not have a directly managed store nearby, Kyoto Shimazu has introduced an online consultation service.
We recommend this service to those who would like to consult with us but for whom it is difficult to go to the store.
*Online consultation service is available by appointment only.
*Please note that your application alone does not confirm your reservation; it is only a tentative reservation.

Flow of Use

  • 1. Select a product that is close to what you want from the online store, etc.
    Please pick out several sizes of dolls you are interested in and colors you would like to have so that the consultation will go smoothly.
  • 2. Send an e-mail with the details of your request.
    Please fill in the “Online Consultation Request Form” below with the product name you picked up in (1) above, the desired colors, and the preferred date of online consultation, and send it to us. *Please enter your preferred date up to the third choice.
  • 3. Advance preparation for Zoom
    The online consultation service uses the web conference “Zoom”. Please prepare in advance according to the medium you will be using, such as a PC or smartphone.
  • 4. Confirm and finalize your reservation
    A representative will contact you shortly after receiving a reservation confirmation e-mail. At that time, we will send you the Zoom URL for your participation on the day of the consultation.
  • 5. Participate in the online consultation service on the day of the appointment
    When the appointment time arrives, please click on the URL for Zoom participation sent to you, connect to Zoom, and wait for the consultation to begin.
    *Online consultation is available only in Japanese.

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    *Please let us know your preferred date within 3 business days from today.
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