Boys’ May Festival Dolls

Rituals to pray for the growth of boys have also changed with the passage of time.
In the midst of this transition, Kyoto Shimazu offers a fusion of traditional and modern styles in its Boy’s May Festival Dolls.
Because these dolls celebrate the life of your precious child, we believe it is important that they have beauty, nobility, and depth that are appropriate for the wishes of the child.
At Kyoto Shimazu, we examine each and every decoration with the eyes of a master craftsman and carefully tailor them with sincerity and care.

Features of Kyoto Shimazu’s Boy’s May Festival Dolls

  • 五月人形
    Traditional beauty
    that stands out for its dignified presence
    Kyoto Shimazu’s Boy’s May Festival Dolls are characterized not only by the beauty of their forms, but also by the skilled workmanship that goes into every detail. Even the individual parts of each doll are meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, creating an array of masterpieces finished with the greatest devotion. These are items that stand out for their traditional beauty, which is strictly scrutinized by the aesthetic eyes of Kyoto Shimazu’s artisans.
  • 五月人形
    We will customize a “Karabitsu” traditional storage chest
    with your family crest that will become a family heirloom
    The “Kamon” family crest is a traditional Japanese symbol of lineage and status that dates back to the Heian period (794-1185). Kyoto Shimazu’s Boy’s May Festival Dolls can be customized with your family crest on helmet and armor chests as proof that they are masterpieces worthy of being a family heirloom. (*Excluding some products).
  • 五月人形
    Different sizes and variations
    to meet various needs
    Kyoto Shimazu offers a variety of Boy’s May Festival Dolls in different sizes and variations. You can also choose from many variations of folding screens, bow swords, decorative horses, and other items to create your own original decorations. Feel free to consult with our staff at the store. (*Please note that some decorations cannot be changed.)

Boy’s May Festival Dolls’ Styles and Products

The helmet protects the most important part of a warrior’s head (his life), and is displayed to pray for the boy’s healthy growth and as a talisman to prevent misfortune.
This armor consists of three parts: helmet, plastron, and large shoulder guards all in one piece. It has the meaning of protecting the whole body, and is intended to protect boys from disasters, illness, and accidents.
Boys’ May Festival dolls related products
We have a selection of products related to Boy’s May Festival Dolls. We hope you will enjoy decorating your dolls with them.
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