QWhat do Hina Dolls represent?

AIn addition to praying for the girl's growth and happiness, it also represents the following.

・The Imperial Family and the Court
Hina dolls are usually modeled after people of the imperial court and are displayed on five tiers, with the emperor and empress at the center. This represents the sumptuousness of the court and shows admiration and respect for splendor and luxurious life.

・Celebrating the birth and growth of girls
Hinamatsuri is mainly a celebration of the growth of girls. Hina dolls symbolize the hope that girls will grow up healthy and lead happy lives.

・The meaning of warding off evil spirits
Hina dolls are believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits due to their shape and design. It is considered auspicious to display Hina dolls to keep evil spirits away and to bring good luck into the home.

・Symbol of the arrival of spring and fertility
Hinamatsuri is also an event to welcome spring, and Hina dolls symbolize the arrival of spring and a good harvest. This reflects the desire to live in harmony with nature.

・Respect for tradition and culture
Hina Dolls are an important item to respect Japanese traditions and culture and to pass them on to the next generation. Through the Hinamatsuri Festival, we value the strengthening of family and social ties and the passing on of culture.