Basic knowledge of History and Culture


CultureA culture of good fortune that entrusts the heart to pray for happiness

The culture that expresses the spirit of seeking blessings and good fortune and entrusting wishes through specific events and rituals.
Wedding: An auspicious ceremony to celebrate the start of a happy married life. Each culture is different, but special rituals and symbols may be incorporated to wish for happiness and prosperity.
New Year's Day: In many cultures, the New Year is an important time of good fortune and prosperity. On New Year's Day, lucky bags and New Year's gifts are given and wishes are expressed during "Hatsumode", the New Year's visit to family shrines.
Birthdays: Birthdays are another occasion to pray for happiness. There are moments to entrust happiness in different ways depending on the culture, such as the custom of lighting a candle on a cake, making a wish and blowing it out all at once, or singing a song of celebration.