Introduction of "Takumi" Artisans


Kyoto Shimazu's Takumi
本多 克成
Katsuaki Honda
Born in Kyoto
Engaged in “Sekku” festival dolls production at Kyoto Shimazu Takakura Studio
Produced the Imperial Prince doll "Hatsuyumu Hina", which was well received
Appointed manager of the Kyoto Shimazu Main Store
The thoughts of Takumi
Every day, I am filled with the joy of being involved in the creation of “Sekku” seasonal festival dolls, which are entrusted with the wish for the healthy growth and happiness of children. Every time I make a doll, I strongly feel the joy and depth of the work of making things, which my grandfather told me about many times since I was a child.I will continue to study hard and create dolls that are worthy of your heart's desire for the many happy days of your children.