Kyoto Artisans Perfecting a 1200 Year Old Art

Artisan Studio/Five Yusoku Artisans

Yusoku Artisan
Seventh Master
Value Honor Above Time
I constantly devote myself to the perfection of the world-renowned Kyoto culture. It is my pleasure and duty as a Yusoku Artisan to create the finest quality pieces of art and pass such Kyoto yusoku artifacts on to the next generation. ‘‘Value honor above time’’ is my long committed personal motto as an artisan of Kyoto.
  • 1959 Born in Kyoto City
  • 1981- Trained under the Sixth Master Hosen
  • 1991 Acquired the title of Yusoku Artisan
Works donated overseas
  • 1992 Edinburgh Museum of Childhood (UK)
  • 1996 Linden-Museum (Germany)
  • 1998 City of Florence (Italy)
  • 2000 Siebold-Museum (Germany)
  • 2001 Nanjing Museum (China)
  • Produced works donated to five other locations in addition to the above.
Yusoku Artisan
  • 1963 Born in Kyoto City
  • 1988- Trained under the Sixth Master Hosen
  • 1998 Acquired the title of Yusoku Artisan
  • 2005 Submitted an artwork to the Festival Doll Exhibition
  • (Japan Art Doll Association)
Works donated overseas
  • 1998 Children’s Museum in Dartmouth (USA)
  • 1998 City of Barcelona (Spain)
  • 2000 Rosenberg-Museum (Germany)
  • 2001 Nanjing Museum (China)