Donation of Dolls Overseas


By Donating Dolls Overseas for More than Twenty Years,
Kyoto Shimazu Has Received High Acclaim Worldwide

Kyoto Shimazu is engaged in a number of cultural activities in Japan, through which it deepens a bond of trust with many people, thereby contributing to society. With the hope of contributing further to cultural exchanges with foreign countries, Kyoto Shimazu began donating its Yusoku Hina Dolls and Gogatsu Dolls overseas as a ‘doll ambassador’ in 1985. During a period of over 20 years, we have made donations to 28 cities in 11 countries. The dolls have all been very highly appreciated while successfully serving to achieve our wish. Kyoto Shimazu would like to actively continue such donations in the future.

If any museum wishes to receive a donation of one of our dolls, it should please contact us.

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood

A branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the best-known museums in the West for its excellent collection of decorative arts and other artifacts. This branch houses a diverse collection of dolls, toys and children’s costumes.
Donated Doll

Boston Children’s Museum

A Yusoku Hina Doll has been donated to this museum in Boston, a sister city of Kyoto. The museum is especially interested in Japanese culture and exhibits the doll as a symbol of the cultural bridge between the two cities, providing visitors with a great and positive impression.
Donated Doll
Donated Doll

Children’s Museum in Dartmouth

Dartmouth is the city where a Japanese called John Manjiro lived and contributed to cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan during the 19th century.
The city therefore shows a particularly high interest in Japan. The dolls donated to this museum, a renovated former private house, have further strengthened the relationship.
Donated Doll
Donation Recipients
United States
  • 1985 Boston Children’s Museum
  • 1986 Boston Children’s Museum
  • 1989 Montalvo Museum
  • 1989 Sacramento State Fair
  • 1989 Children’s Museum in Dartmouth
  • 1991 Japan Week
  • 1991 The Nippon Club
  • 1992 Japan Society of Boston
  • 1992 Children’s Museum in Dartmouth
  • 1994 State of Oklahoma
United Kingdom
  • 1985 Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood
  • 1985 Sir Hugh Cortazzi (Former British Ambassador to Japan)
  • 1985 Edinburgh Museum of Childhood
  • 1985 Lothian Region
  • 1985 City of Florence
  • 1985 City of Barcelona
Czech Republic
  • 1985 City of Prague
  • 1985 Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • 1985 Shaanxi Province
  • 1985 City of Xian
  • 1985 Nanjing Museum
  • 1985 City of Cologne
  • 1985 City of Frankfurt
  • 1985 Linden-Museum
  • 1985 Rosenberg-Museum
  • 1985 Siebold-Museum
  • 1985 Dornstetten Museum
  • 1989 Tournoi de Paris de Judo
  • 1991 Chateau de Courance
  • 1995 Racing Club de France
  • 1995 French Judo Federation
  • 1996 The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris
  • 2001 City of Paris
  • 1992 City of Guadalajara
  • 1991 Mikhail Gorbachev (Former President)
  • 1994 Leningrad Oblast