History of Kyoto Shimazu

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The Noble Culture of Kyoto with A History of 1200 Years -
Its Art and Spirit Have Been Perfected by Kyoto Shimazu Since 1833

Since becoming the capital of Japan in 794, Kyoto has fostered and refined its glorious culture mainly around the Imperial Court for as long as 1200 years. Japanese traditional culture in large part originates in Kyoto. Kyoto Shimazu was founded in such capital city in 1833. Since its founder Kasuke Shimazu became a purveyor to the Imperial Court, Kyoto Shimazu has continued for generations to pass down the pride taken in its traditional skill and craftsmanship through its Yusoku Artisans. The fifth owner, Nobutsugu Shimazu was honored to purvey items used in the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Showa. Today, all Yusoku Artisans of Kyoto Shimazu devote themselves to the creation of congratulatory ornaments for children and various other exquisite and enriching art objects at their Artisan Studio. The masterpieces of Kyoto Shimazu with its long history, represent Japanese culture.

Original Yusoku dolls

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Purveying items Purveying items
for the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Showa